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So ximen came up with the awesome modern geopolitics version of Captain China (and affiliates), with accompanying casting! So, as promised, artistic renderings.

Firstly, Captain China having to deal with Lt. Hong Kong and Lt. Macao.  (They just have normal military outfits — sorry.)  For Captain China’s outfit, I wanted something slightly different from my frozen-then-thawed Captain China.  Also ximen requested green with red stars.  So a more normal looking military uniform, but in the simpler Sino-Japanese war style, to appear less threatening and more appealing to a sense of Maoist nostalgia.  She has cute looped pigtails for the cute innocent look (better for soft power).  But also heeled boots.  Her jacket has the kind of complicated Chinese insignia on it, though, because she is very much part of the Chinese government/military.

I really like the idea of her meeting up with my Captain China, though — they both come from the villages and probably have a lot in common.  She’s much more politically-savvy, though, and of course, still a child of the modern era (though a migrant child, so she’s seen her share of the underbelly of Chinese ascendancy).  She’d be the perfect person to update Shiwen on Modern China.  <3

Then we have Captain ROC and Captain Taiwan.  ximen requested that Captain ROC’s costume be a mod of the Captain America one, which makes a lot of sense — so I chose the Avengers outfit — it has cleaner lines, and seems like a pretty neutral Captain America costume.  I based Captain Taiwan’s costume off Seediq Bale, except that she wears normal tennis shoes because she’s kind of a vigilante.  (Her costume is one of the few that can be easily sewn at home.)

(Is it bad that I kind of want to cosplay Captain Taiwan now?  She looks so cool.  Also, I might be shipping Captain ROC and Captain Taiwan?  The 2 Captain Chinas are just friends, though.  And I can see Lt. HK as kinda bi.)

((And with that, I need to take a break from Captain America fanart.  On the one hand, I might be tired of drawing sad mopey white boys, and on the other hand, this au stuff has really gotten to obscure.))

Captain China


ximen replied to your photo “I love Steve and Bucky so much, but part of the problem of drawing…”

You should draw captains for other countries! Like 中国队长 and such!

Oh man, I’ve actually been thinking about this before your comment. I’ve been hesitant because (a) I suck at costume…


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